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24 February 2005

There is a spiralling debate occuring on the following weblog about Australia's additional military committment to Iraq.

Read how opponents to promoting democracy in Iraq are quoting Heath Ledger of all people!


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The response to the blog has been much appreciated, and continues to grow.

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Readers are invited to view two articles published examining America's role in the world.

Stephen Barton at writes that "... midwife and godparent is the United States."

Alexander Deane at ends his think piece to US critics: "You may sit in the comparative luxury of your home and smugly condemn America’s attempts to spread a way of life you take for granted. You live in a society fortunate enough not to need its help. Spare a thought for those that do."

Both writers have made very brave attempts, and despite their efforts they are going to find that they will be howled down.

The US is in an in enviable position. If the US acts, it's acting imperially and out of ('corporate') self interest. If the US does not act, then the rants and squeals follow about the US not acting and not behaving as the world's policeman!

At the end of the day, the US is the world's only real super power, both economically and military - the PRC is still a long way off. At the end of the day, when there is a crisis, who are you going to call?

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